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My neighbor who lives about 3 houses down the street is selling a 2004 wrx because of two 30+ point tickets and need for money. The guy has lived in my neighborhood for about 10yrs, and has gone threw 12-13 cars. He bought his 04 wrx about a year and a half ago, and it was completely stripped. There was no engine, seats, wires, etc. when he got the car. The car was never in a big accident or in fire/flood. It has a salvage title because it was stripped. He has rebuilt the thing and i've seen him driving it for about a year and a half. Recently he has decided to sell the car because he needs money for an audi he has recently purchased. After negotiations he is willing to sell the car for $12,000. He gave me the following list of mods in the car, because he did not rebuild to stock he was going for more of a STI:

(Sorry for spelling, can't read all his handwriting)

-Prodrive spooiler
-light weight pulley
-ACT 6 speed clutch
-ACT light flywheel
-Custom fender braces (aluminum)
-Exhaust bushing
-Greddy boost controller
-uteck engine management
-Upper tower brace (front/rear)
-Auto meter (boost/airflow/folts) <-- i think thats what it says
-20G turbo Dead bolt TD06
-Injectors Helix 860cc
-Front and Rear lenkig bushings <-- i think thats what it says
-APS Cold Air Intake
-APS turbo Inlet
-STI top mount intercooler (he has the APS front mount, but is going to put the top mount STI intercooler back on as its safer from damage)
-Oil catch can
-Blow Off (turbo XS)
-Upper/Lower Radiator Houses
-Engine mount Group N
-Transmission mount Group N
-Pitch Stop Group N
-Front Sway bar
-rear Sway bar
-Hoticks(<-- not sure what the word actually is) end line adjust
-White line rack bushing
-Fuel pump Walbro 255 L/HR
-Heatshield (turbo)
-Break lines
-Invidia down pipe
-Helix exhaust no cats
-2 10inch Ilpine sp. box (sub zero) <-- not sure if Ilpine is Alpine
-6 chan. amp
-Amplified infinity Sp. in the doors
-STI Head lights w/ HID
-STI Shifter 6spd
-Tinted all windows 35%
-Kartboy Short shifter and bushings
-Up pipe
-2006 STI tail lights
-I know it has an STI engine block and transmission.
-Motul brake fluid <-- this was on the list so i don't know if its important

His cousin also has a black wrx that is salvage titled because it was stolen and stripped which is not for sale. They said it took them about 2yrs to find both cars and rebuild them. The guy has a mechanics degree and is married w/ kids not that it means anything. I've driven the car and pushed it pretty hard and i've also taken a ride with him, the clutch is pretty stiff and doesn't slip (it has about 6,000 miles on it). The car is in pretty good shape overall, and looks like a 3yr. old car. It has minor dings and small scratches. I called a place where they inspect cars before you buy them, and they said they can check it out for $175 (w/ mods not being a issue w/ their inspection) and their inspection list entails the following:

So if the car checks out alright is it a good buy? I'm looking for a car w/ some speed but can be driven as a everyday car as well. I would drive it about 100 miles a week. The car has been dyno'd to run 392whp and 436torque. I've seen the guy driving the car for over a year daily. So again, my question is should i buy the car if it passes inspection? Also will the car require a lot of maintenance and since its heavily modded will it last pretty long (It has 38,000 miles on it as of now)?

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...Well if anyone is following this, after mechanics inspection everything checked out good. No major mechanical problems. There was one moderate issue, and that was the front left rotor was a little old.

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i dunno man salvaged titles always sketch me out. but it sounds like this guy knows what he is doing. its up to u if u want to take the risk!

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Bought the car today for $12k, it checked out good from the mechanic and what not. Drives good and doesn't slip gears or anything, even when i really push it. 20G is a bit much, might sell a lot of the mods to get back to a stock sti base.
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