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2004 Subaru WRX 45k Miles!

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Hey guys thought I'd see what you think about this car. I've never owned a Subaru, but I've always said if I had to get a car it'd be a Subaru. (More of a truck guy) but I came across this '04 at my local ford dealership. It's super clean inside and out. Sounds like she runs smooth. Rims are ugly AF and the interior smells like a Las Vegas casino but with only 45k in the odometer I thought it'd might be a nice starter. I'm going to be driving 500+mi/week for 6 months starting in August so what do you guys think? Should I jump on it? They are asking 12,998 but they'd have to come down closer to 10 for me to do the deal. And how hard is it to get that smell out? I know it might not ever come out completely but with a new headliner, quality detail job, and a cleaning of the air ducts should most of it go away? Check out the car through the link.
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No engine bay pictures.

Price is wayyyyy to high. I wouldn't pay more than Kelley Blue Book (which is $10k for this car).

You could have a newer 2.5L car for that price.

As always, with very low mileage examples, I'd question why the car has such low mileage. Perhaps it had a failure that the owner could not afford to address, in which case I'd have some concern over the general maintenance of the vehicle.

Speaking of maintenance, at 14 years old, the timing belt should be nearing its second replacement. Ensure that it has been done at least once.
Thanks for the reply. I figured it was pretty pricey for an 04. The dealer tried using the low miles and that everything is original as a selling point. I'm thinking about going back in and just telling them if they can do 10k it's a deal IF the car fax doesn't show any red flags. I had looked at a 2012 sti with 73k miles for 23k but i don't want that big of a payment while I go to school.
I wouldn't own either car while in school personally and I sure wouldn't pay 10k for a 13 year old vehicle that only cost 20k brand new.

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