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2004 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon: Rare ProDrive Mods - $9,000 - Frisco, Texas

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As I'm getting old and need to buy a more sensible and boring car, I'm selling my beloved 2004 Subaru WRX Wagon. Here's the deal:

* Two owners - me and my brother. Bought it from him in 2013 & shipped it to TX from CA. Thus, it has only ever been in warm weather climates.

* Less than 100K miles on the clock & can easily go for another 100K if taken care of.

* Has a number of modifications including some from ProDrive which are highly sought after. Since 2013 has been serviced almost-exclusively by Cobb Tuning in Plano, TX. Only true Subaru tuning experts have worked on this car since for the past 4 years. Modifications include:

- ProDrive 17" wheels
- ProDrive Big Brake Kit
- ProDrive Cat Back Exhaust
- ProDrive ECU
- ProDrive Downpipe
- Aftermarket Turbo
- HID headlights (they're ridiculously bright)
- Cobb Heat Shield
- Brand new OEM Radiator, Hoses & Thermostat
- Cobb Sway Bars
- Short Shifter Upgrade
- Momo Steering wheel
- Clutch & Flywheel replaced in 2016
- Pads & Rotors replaced in 2016
- Equipped for Satellite radio
- Custom Alpine sound system

* Condition is Good/Very Good for a vehicle of its age EXCEPT for the need for new head gaskets. They were damaged last week when my radiator cracked (since replaced along with new hoses). Fix these (Cobb will charge about $2,000 but no doubt it can be done for cheaper) & the car is good-to-go. I have the complete service records

* Right now the car is at Cobb & the photos were taken in the shop this weekend. Yes, it's dirty - but send it through the car wash & it looks great. The exterior has a new scratches & the very occasional ding, but nothing more. Just give it a wash, vacuum the interior & you're away.

* If the gaskets did not need replacing I'd list it for $12,000. Yours for just $9,000 & after 1 day in the garage replacing the gaskets you'll have a fantastic car which will give you years of driving pleasure. I shall miss her so treat her well :-(

***Note: the image of the exterior that was taken outside is NOT my car. I used this image only to show what the car looks like when it's had a wash & because my car is in the shop. Trust me - wash the car & it looks exactly like this but with far better ProDrive wheels.***


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