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For Sale: 2004 Subaru Forester XT – Built, 6mt, 400+ whp

2004 Forester XT (Hello sleeper)
Price: $16,900.00 obo
Odometer: 117,483 miles (will go up slightly as I do drive it)
Engine: Built EJ255 (401awhp/365 ft-lbs awtq on 93 octane)
Transmission: 6 MT (JDM STI Ver 8 DCCD+Suretrac front lsd)
VIN: JF1SG69684G725847
Located in Egg Harbor City, NJ
Also have a brief video from dyno day here, mainly to give an idea of the car's exhaust note:

I can also give you my tech's contact info if you have more in-depth questions than I can answer. He built all three of my fast cars and knows the details about them better than I do.

Now the run-down on the black beast:

Complete JDM STI Ver 8 Drivetrain swap:
1. 6-speed manual transmission (better ratios than 2004-06 USDM 6-speed)
2. R-180 rear differential
3. DCCD system w/ DCCD Pro + w/all accessories + Subaru thumb wheel and Auto button
4. STi Ver 8 Brembo Brakes (gold calipers with Red Brembo logo)
5. Front Subframe
6. New OEM USDM 2004 STi Steering Rack, installed 1k mi ago
7. Aluminum Control Arms
8. STi Group N Transmission Mount
9. ACT 6 puck clutch + flywheel
10. STi Driveshaft and half-shafts
11. WC Lathe Works speed copolymer shift knob w/ groove

Other Engine/Power goodies:
*PSI Proformance tuned – 93octane (401awhp/365awtq)*
1. Built engine (MAHLE Pistons, Eagle H Beam rods, ACL Race Tri-Metal Rod+main bearings, ARP head studs, Cometic Head Gaskets)
2. Ported heads + rebuilt heads (all machine work done by Jackson Auto Machine)
3. Brian Crower Street/Strip 272/272 cams
4. FP HTA Green turbo
5. WBR FXT-specific FMIC (black)
6. 3" turboback exhaust (Helix downpipe + midpipe + Magnaflow axleback w/oval tip)...I can include the stock muffler and the Helix 3" axleback as well
7. Deatschwerks DW 1100cc top feed injectors with Perrin fuel rails
8. Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump
9. Grimmspeed Boost Control solenoid
10. Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
11. Perrin Short Ram Intake
12. Perrin Big MAF
13. GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated Up-pipe
14. GrimmSpeed Ceramic Coated Manifolds and Crosspipe
15. GrimmSpeed TGV deletes
16. 5 Wire Grounding Kit
17. Catch Can
18. TiAL Q BOV
19. STI 11mm Oil Pump
20. K&N Air Filter
21. NGK IX-Series Iridium (1 step colder plugs)
22. Gates Racing Timing Belt+Water pump

Interior / Exterior Aftermarket Items:
1. Gauges:
-AEM Digital Six-in-One Wideband UEGO (Air-fuel)
-AEM Digital Boost Display Gauge
2. Subtle Ashtray Gauge Mount (12 volt relocated)
3. Subaru OEM rear spoiler (painted)
4. 3M Window Tint (20% front, 5% rear)

Suspension/Brakes Aftermarket Items:
1. BC Racing 8k/6k coilovers w/rear extenders, Forester-specific
2. JDM pink STi Forester rear lateral links
3. Perrin Adjustable 22MM sway bar front
4. Whiteline Rear 22MM sway bar rear
5. Whiteline Front Endlinks
6. Whiteline Rear Endlinks
7. Whiteline ALK
8. Whiteline Differential Bushing Kit
9. Hawk HPS Street/Sport Pads for STi Brembos, installed 2k mi ago

JDM STi Ver 7 wheels with fresh Continental Extreme Contact DWS (225/45ZR17 91W) tires 2k miles on the tires (alignment done at same time)

*If I think of any mods I may have forgotten, I will update this ad accordingly.

About the car:
After ten fun years with my black Forester XT, I've been driving my Lexus more, so it is time to move the Forester along to someone who will enjoy it. I've put a lot of work into making this car a sharp looking, balanced and reliable 400+ whp daily driveable sleeper.

No expense was spared on building this car. I have owned and cared for it since 2006.

It's a modified JBP ‘04 Forester XT. The car has 117k miles as of now (17k on the built motor, which is still tight as can be). Its VIN is JF1SG69684G725847. The car was tuned at PSI Proformance in PA (reflashed stock ecu), and it made 450 whp and 391 ft-lbs at 26 psi and 401 whp and 365 ft-lbs at 20 psi, both on pump gas, but we settled on the conservative 20 psi tune for long-term dependability. This set-up is capable of daily driving at higher power levels too, so you can easily crank the boost back to 26+ psi. If you choose to do that, I'd suggest tuning it for that level though; you may also want to add an Accessport if you want a meth or race fuel tune and want to get the most power out of it. 500 whp or somewhere in that ballpark is possible. It is very nicely and conservatively set up as it sits though, perfect for daily driving. The car runs great, and is extremely well mannered, especially compared to its more raw companion, my red FXT. It’s a little crazy to have two fast Foresters at the same time though. I'm asking $19.5k OBO for the car. The title is free and clear.

Just a few more details about the car, this black ‘04 Forester might be my favorite Subaru ever (and I’ve had a few, lol: I also love the exhaust note of my black FXT! It has a menancing sound, like it has bad intentions. Of course, if you want to quiet the car down, the stock axleback bolts right up to the Helix turboback or you can get a quieter high flow axle-back. From the outside, everything else about the car appears stock, other than the FMIC, but even that is hard to notice, with its black finish, so the car sports a lot of sleeper appeal. I should point out that the car has no foglights due to the FMIC piping.

I’m sure there are a few mods that I’m forgetting, so I may update this post accordingly. Feel free to ask any questions via PM or email.

Also, the speakers were upgraded by the previous owner, although I do not remember what kind they are. He put the stock head unit back in when he sold the car to me, and I’ve left it that way (hey, I’m turning into an NPR kinda guy), but the components are all still in place and ready for an upgraded headunit if you’re into car audio.

The bad:

1. In a parking lot, someone backed into the corner of the front bumper, giving it a 4-5inch crack. Of course, this could be a good excuse to upgrade to an ‘06 Sport front end, but I’ve left it as is. There are some good posts about swapping FXT front ends on the forums at Also, another person tapped the passenger side fender and door while I was parked somewhere several years ago. I replaced the fender and had a buddy respray the fender and door, but there turned out to be fewer metallic flakes in the new paint, and you can see this in the sunlight when looking at those two panels. Others may prefer to take it to a body shop to have it perfectly matched to the rest of the car. Also, in December of 2014 a girl in a VW Beetle somehow got confused at a red light and started to go while it was still red and rolled into my rear bumper, leaving a very small mark. I got a new rear bumper foam impact absorber in case she damaged the original, but have not installed it. It will go to the buyer as well.
2. Also, I just discovered that the two front axles have torn axle axle boots.
3. Occasionally I hear a faint clunk in the suspension when I go over a bump or turn.
4. The driver's side has a slow oil leak, most likely from the valve cover, from the looks of it.

I'm not looking for any trades, sorry. Let me know if you have any questions about the car, or if I forgot anything that would be helpful to mention.

The vehicle is being sold as is. All paperwork I have for this vehicle will come with it, such as the manual, receipts that I still have. I have vehicle's title in hand.

If you want a Forester XT capable of at least 11 second ET's, and in nice shape for being 12 years old, you won’t be able to build one for this price, not to mention all the time and energy that goes into a good build!

crazyfastwrx at y-hoo


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More pics :)

Black FXT Pics, cont

More pics:


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Thanks for all the kind words guys!

Hey Mark, Stockton is a mile from the house I just moved from. We have probably crossed paths :)

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Just used the FXT to pick up a pinball machine. Talk about utility and performance.

Make an offer if you're interested, I'd like to see this go to a happy new owner. :)

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Price reduced to $17,900 obo.

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While inspecting the car over the weekend, I found a few more things to list under "the bad," including two ripped axle boots. The price has been lowered to $16,900 obo accordingly.

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This transport looks incredibly cool for its age. I think that the new buyer is happy with such a purchase. I remember last year I had to sell my Subaru because I had two more children in my family and it was a little too small for six people. I planned to buy a bigger car and sell the last one for a good price. Despite the good condition of the car, buyers offered a very low price. Fortunately, my friend recommended me a great service in which I was able to find the very lucky guy who adored Subaru and bought my car for good money. If someone is interested, just click here
Why didn’t anyone tell me about this some months ago?!
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