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Hi all,

After 168k miles my beloved WRX wagon (I bought it from the first owner in 2005) got a flashing "Check Engine" light on the way up to the mountains. It was idling oddly and shaking unevenly. I had it towed to a Subaru dealership and they said it was an error Code P03101 and after running a vacuum test they diagnosed it as a possible burned out piston, burned out piston ring or bent valve. They said an engine overhaul was necessary that would start at $4,500 and go up from there. They quoted $10-$12k for an engine replacement.


1). Does this sound right?
2). If I'm unwilling to go down this path (invest a minimum of $4,500) what would you recommend? Sell? Donate? And if so what do you think this car is worth in this condition.

Car Details
  • Perrin up and down pipe
  • Cobb Port and remapped chip
  • Short shifter
  • Fog Lights

  • 2004 STI BBS 17" wheels with Continentals and 50% tread
  • Pro-Drive 17" wheels with new Hankook Snow Tires
  • Thule Rack and Fairing

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Price wise that sounds about right for the repair. I know when my STi spun a rod bearing, the Subaru dealership quoted me around 12k for a short block replacement and all the workings.
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