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I recently acquired a completely stock 2003 WRX with around 50k miles. Previous owners generally took good care of it, and I've been patching it up for a smoother ride.

After getting some clunking in the rear diagnosed, it was recommended to me by a local mechanic that I change out all my struts, since it's been 16 years on the original ones. I agree, since on rough roads, it gets pretty bumpy and sometimes the car bounces up and down (which signifies to me that the struts are shot and I'm just on springs).

The options that I'm debating / having trouble with:

1. The shop quoted me $700 if I ordered 4 complete strut assembles (strut + spring + mounting plate) x 4 through them with $400 of labor of replacing them, coming to a total of $1100. I figured it wasn't a complete rip-off considering they'll have a little bit of markup for the parts, and I'm in the Bay Area. (I guess anyone who does their own work will always thinks it's a ripoff?)

2. They said if I decided to buy my own parts (with the struts, springs, and mounting plates completely assembled already), they would quote me $400 just for labor. However, I'm finding it quite difficult to find complete strut assemblies (was looking at KYB and Monroe) for the 2003 WRX (unless I'm just a Google idiot), and was wondering if I should just order the components separately and put them together.

3. If buying separate parts are the case, do I only need the strut, spring, and mounting plate only, or would I have to get additional parts to get to the complete setup?

4. Which course of action sounds more reasonable? I guess if buying the parts separately and assembling them will be super frustrating / require tools I don't have, it might be option number 1 (perhaps with some negotiation?)
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