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I am looking to get into a Bugeye, 2002 or 2003 WRX. I recently found one (2003 with 121,XXX miles), but it is a four hour drive from where I am located so I set up a used car inspection from a third party to do the inspection for me since I did not want to drive eight hours roundtrip for nothing.

The results came back with the following results:

Typical scratches, scuffs, and minor dings a 9 year old car. NO frame damage or flood damage. Good core support, radiator, hoses, belts, A/C, heater. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as engine noise, clutch, and transmission. No codes. Fluid levels were all correct, timing belt is good, clutch is good, and belts/hoses are in good condition. The only things negative that were said were about the typical exterior for a 9 year old car, a bent rim, low amp meter output, about 50% charge for the battery, driver side headlight and side marker light not working, and the brake pads being worn.

I spoke with the inspector and he said the car runs good, he was quite surprised how quick it was and the only things he would be worried about would be the low amp reading on the alternator and the battery (since that may be because it was recently charged). I asked him if I could make the 4 hour drive back to my location, but he said he couldn't guaranteed anything, not even with a new car, but the alternator would need to be replaced soon.

He took about 30 pictures for me and they can be found here: 03 WRX pictures by le14 - Photobucket

Here are the pictures of most concern to me:

Don't know why it's like this, would that screw be someone trying to hold it in place?

Overall, my question is what do you think since you have/do own a wrx?
Does the engine bay look like the car has been modified (from the pictures I've seen of various WRX, it doesn't look like it to me)?
Do you think the alternator is a deal breaker and what is the cost to replace a WRX alternator?

I'm new to this and just been reading this forum and NASIOC about the WRX but I don't know what to think as of now. I'm trying to look for a stock WRX with good upkeep. Asking price from the dealer is $7000 and the car comes with a clean carfax, one owner (in that same area where the car is being sold if it matters).

Thanks ClubWRX (Kind of ironic, I came from clubRSX, don't know if the two are related though), lmk if you have any other questions!
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