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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying a 2003 Subaru Impreza. It's got 240,000km and they won't sell below $4500. It's a rebuild, the guy paid for it to be fixed last year for his wife but she can no longer drive. They did $6000 of work - more than the car was worth to get it back on the road and had all the receipts. Included things like timing belt, head gasket, vavle seals, etc. It was in 3 collisions prior to this and was written off. I don't know much about subarus or cars for that matter, so I wanted advice on if I should buy it or not. Couldn't see anything wrong with it and it felt nice to drive. It was a bit dirty inside and had a few minor knicks and dents on the outside. They're also hard to find in my area and I need something decent for the winter. Will I be able to sell it for around the same cost in 8-9 months or is it overpriced? I also couldn't find many of the same car online, so not sure what pricing should be. I usually buy Hondas :) thanks!
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