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I am in the process of rebuilding a 2003 WRX transmission to connect behind the 2.5 L Suby in my 1,900 lb 914 track car.

The transmission #7Y-TY754VN2BA

I thought I would be a good idea to replace the syncro brass rings while I have it a part.
However, when trying to order replacement rings from my local Subaru dealer, I found it isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
According to them, for this transmission, the rings, sliders and hubs must also be replaced. I can not just replace the syncro rings.

They gave me two Bulletins below:

PT200305, 6/28/2005:

3rd - 4th Gear Old # New #
Ring-Baulk 32614AA101 to 32614AA130
Sleeve & Hub 32605AA140 to 32605AA180

5th Gear
Ring-Baulk 32614AA101 to 32614AA130
Sleeve & Hub 32610AA090 to 32610AA100

PB000989, 01/20/2009:

Please be advised that WHEN part number 32650AA051 (syncronizer set) or 32605AA230 (sleeve and hub assembly) is depleted from inventory, it will now be necessary to order the following replacement parts as a set:
32650AA250 (syncronizer set) and 32605AA350 (sleeve and hub assembly) Qty 1 ea.

What part numbers do I need to replace the syncros in this transmission? Anyone know what changes were made?

For 1st & 2nd
For 3rd & 4th
For 5th

Thanks for any help!
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