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2002 WRX rough idle and hesitation with throttle input

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2002 idling rough, falls on face during acceleration

My 2002 WRX is throwing these 3 codes atm: P0131- 02 sensor low voltage P0132 - 02 sensor high voltage P1089 - TGV sensor #1 circuit high output I have a catless turbo back exhaust without the rear 02 sensor... But the 02 codes being thrown are for my front 02 sensor. Which I do have. Maybe it's faulty? And the TGV sensor, I already have a new one. But it's right in front of my turbo and very hard to get too. I heard if you unplug the sensor, it's supposed to default to the open position. So I tried that and it still idles rough and when given gas, it kinda falls on its face. I have it up on stands, so I don't know how it drives. But when I quickly give it gas, it kinda hesitates and stutters. It idles rough, but won't stall. I'm hoping (if I ever get it installed) that the new TGV sensor will help this idling, hesitating problem. If not, is the front O2 known for creating these problems too? Thanks for any help in advance. I have a Cobb Accessport but I'm waiting on the correct initialization connector to come in the mail. They sent me a 2003 white one and I need the blue one. And once I get it, in going to run the Stage 2 tune.
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Mine acted a lot like that years ago when my front 02 sensor went out but I didn't have a tgv problem. It ran like normal with the new sensor. Also, you arent running a vta bov are you?
I would do a boost leak test.. if it doesn't uncover any vacuum leaks then I would test the front O2 sensor with a DMM.
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