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2002 wrx oil cooler baffle leak

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Hello everyone
I am new to this forum, how is everyone tonight. My son purchased a 2002 Subaru wrx. It was built up by the prior owner . It has oversized injectors,A Bloush Turbo and the super tune. Long story short after several hours and money repair what they were supposed to have repaired . We continue to blow the oil cooler baffle seal on the back of the engine which in turn ruins the clutch disc. Can anyone shed some light on some possible fixes to keep it from continuing to do this?

Frustrated Dad
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Sorry I'm not following which seal you're talking about. The clutch is exposed to the rear main (crank) seal. Is that the one you're talking about? The oil cooler has a single o-ring and is nowhere near the clutch, it's on top of the oil filter up front.
I was thinking this sounded like the rear main seal as well.

Hope you get it figured out!!
there is a pcv baffle cover on the rear of the engine
What sealant are you using and are you tightening the screws/bolts in a crisscross pattern similar to how you would when you tighten wheels to the hub?

It's possible that you are building too much pressure in the PCV system and just routinely blowing it out. But more likely that the sealant isn't sufficient or it's not being sealed properly.
Does the PCV itself work?
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