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I am the only owner of this car and know everything about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. No longer STX prep.

This car runs VERY strong and transmission is smooth.


  • -Purchased new Sept 2002
    -5 speed
    -109,000 miles
    -Factory subwoofer under passenger seat


  • -No Rust
    -All maintenance performed by myself as scheduled (Mobil 1 oil, Purolator filters, NGK plugs, OEM fuel filters, OEM PCV, Valvoline SuperSyn brake fluid)
    -Transmission flushes every 30,000 miles
    -Coolant flushes every 30,00 miles
    -Both front wheel bearings and passenger side hub were replaced at ~65,000 miles due to bearing failure
    -Seat bolt, Cruise Control, and ABS technical service bulletins/recalls have been taken care of.
    -Timing belt, tensioner, water pump, AC/PS belts replaced 12/13/08
Car comes with:

  • -17x8 Rota Boost bronze wheels (one is scratched slightly)
    -2 Sets of Bridgestone Potenza RE01R (245/40 and 225/45). The 225/45 are in great shape, the 245/40 are on their last legs.
    -Straight pipe (currently on car)
    -Stock muffler included
    -Catless factory uppipe
    -Hella/Prodrive FF1000 driving lights
    -Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
    -Whiteline steering rack bushings
    -Sony Head Unit with audio input jack and MP3 CD capability
    -Prodrive front lip
    -Genuine STi JDM pedal set
    -All-weather SUBARU rubber floormats and stock WRX carpet floor mats
    -Hawker Odyssey PC 535 lightweight battery
    -Broadway aftermarket rearview mirror
    -Sylvania SilverStar headlight bulbs
    -McGard spline drive lugs
    -Some OEM touchup paint
Also have a few of the stock parts that came off the car.

Not so good:

  • -Car was rear ended by some tramp on a cell phone in her 4 runner a month after I got it. Car was repaired by Biven's in Loudon TN. Good people, but the trunk does leak slightly on drivers side. Feel free to run a CarFax, but this incident will not show on the report for some reason.
Minor Cosmetic Stuff

  • -Car was backed into a small pole at the convention center by the valet at less than walking speed. I touched it up. Rear bumper looks good, not perfect.
    -Normal small rock chips on the front of car.
    -Some normal minor dings here and there, a few on the roof from some hail a while back, but these not very noticeable at all, which is why I didn't get them repaired when I repaired the rest of the car.
    -Scuff on bottom of steering wheel (this cannot be seen unless you actually ducked your head under the steering wheel.
    -Dog scratched passenger rear door panel inside and a couple of her nails poked a hole through the vinyl.
    -Deep 3 inch paint scratch on drivers side mirror.

$8250 OBO

***K&N Typhoon not included


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Car looks real good, but what are the "Hella/Prodriving FF1000" driving lights?

Are they a replacement for the stock bulbs?
It's an entire replacement unit, they are very bright driving lights. Which means you will be reflecting road signs about 1.5 miles away. I actually had to install a relay to run them safely. They are very bright and can't really be used if there is traffic around. They are just slightly bigger than the stock ones....not sure you can tell from the pics.

But on an empty curvy road in the middle of the night, they are awesome.
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