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2002 WRX Engine-Swap Questions

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Hey Guys, so i'm pretty new to the rebuild/swap process and have some questions.

I recently blew my timing belt in my 2002 wrx which caused cylinder/valve damage.

I'm going to drop a 2005 WRX engine in and was wondering what the results of attempting to twin-turbo the new engine using the stock turbo from my 2002 engine would be.

I plan on upgrading my internals a bit and upgrading the trans, but don't really know what upgrades I would really need, or if it is even worth twinning with such small turbos. I don't have the income to really splurge or do anything too crazy.

Thanks for the insight!
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You would have to get a bunch of custom parts made, and still have to buy other supporting mods.

It would be way cheaper and likely more efficient to buy better single and supporting mods.
I was definitely under the impression that would be the answer, so thank you for the reassurance!

Now i just have to find a well priced kit that wouldn't force too much internal upgrading in the engine!
There is a reason that this isn't done.

The EJ platform has been around a long time. The performance paths have been well established. Stick to those.

BTW, with a 4cyl motor, a parallel turbo arrangement would only feed power pulses to the turbine every 360 degrees of the crankshaft. That's not ideal for building pressure in the turbine.
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