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2002 Subaru wrx misfire NEED HELP

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I have a 2002 wrx. With 157,000 miles on it
Two days ago I got codes for misfires on cylinder 1 and 3. So I went ahead and put new spark plugs in it. Gapped them to .030. And put them in the car. Turned the car on and after driving it 20 miles the cel came back on no flashing it's on the whole time. So I scanned it again, and this time I got codes for misfires in cylinder 2,3 and 4. What could possibly be wrong this time? I'm stuck not sure on what to do. I plan on doing new coil packs, anyone have any advice?
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Could be bad injectors, bad coils, bad fuel pump, bad O2 sensor, bad maf, boost leak, post maf intake leak, map sensors bad fuel, low compression, bad tune, really any number of things.

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I'll be putting in new coil packs next week once They arrive hopefully that will fix it.
I would adress an issue that would cover multiple cylinders at once like a sensor or leak first.

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It could also be bad crankshaft or camshaft position sensors (or faulty installation thereof) or it could be bad connectors between the ECM and the fuel injectors.
what brand of spark plugs did you put in?

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