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2002 Subaru WRX, 178000 Miles, $6000 OBO, Central Illinois

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Selling my beloved 2002 WRX. Stage II. After many years of loyal service it's time to move on to something new... going all electric! Asking $6000. Details on Craiglist ad.
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Good guess. I have two "reservations" in for Model 3s. However, before I drop significant change on an electric car I wanted to make sure the lifestyle works. I picked up a used Nissan Leaf last December for super cheap. I'm loving it so I'm going to roll with it until the Model 3 comes out.
Cool. Sorry I do not need another WRX but good luck on a sale. I have set myself an investment goal and if the stock market goes up another 1000 points (DOW) I should reach my goal and then I will buy a model S. I want the P100D but we will see when the time comes. I hope your wait isn't too long for the 3s. Elon sets lofty goals and timelines then always seems to miss them.
That's a solid goal, for your sake and mine I hope the market keeps heading North... 1000 points is a long way to go. Regarding the model 3 -- I'm somewhat hopeful that, given this is the 4th vehicle they have developed, they understand their product development capabilities and have communicated realistic dates. Regardless, I'm going to wait unless a viable alternative presents itself - the Bolt checks all the boxes except for quickness/sportiness and looks.
Congrats on the sale and good luck in your electric endeavors!
Thank! Someday Subaru will make an electric STi and I'll jump back into the fold. Until then.... peace out!
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