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That is correct, im currently in the market for a 2002-2006 WRX Wagon and you heard right, AUTO!

Area: New York Tri State Area, NY, NJ, maybe PA, im not up for travelling 100+ miles away.

Im normally on, I own a 4runner and im looking for something a but more small, and fun.

That being said I am also looking for the following:
I would like it to be less then 100K miles
Any color im not picky
Bone Stock***

Honestly, who buys a wrx/sti and keeps it stock? Even an auto? Im willing to meet anyone half way. Im one of those people that would actually leave this car stock. Maybe change the headunit but thats about it. Ive driven a few WRX's, my brothers for one, and my friends 04 sti both stock and i liked the ride. I driven another friends sti with mods like hell and it wasnt horrible but just wasnt my thing. I like the car for what it is, especially stock, and will drive it as such. Ill look at cars that are over 100K miles. The main reason I want auto is because im in a HUGE amount of stop and go traffic and I would just blow my head off driving 5/6spd. I just couldnt take it. I WILL look at sedans, but honestly I really really really want to get a wagon.

Cash or personal checl will be in hand name your price expect to be paid in full, I am someone to negotiate, but reasonably, im not a complete ass.
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