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2-stroke 3-cylinder 6-piston Ford F-150 - 37mpg

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I was wondering which manufacturer was going to be the first to take this design to market. I didn't expect Ford and I definitely didn't expect it in the F150.

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Ok, maybe I'm wrong but isn't this akin to a 5 stroke engine or am I picturing this engine incorrectly?
I believe it is still a true two-stroke.
Would work just like a traditional 2-stroke but now the opposing piston moves in/out also where the head would have been.

1) both pistons move inward toward each other = compression stroke
2) both pistons move away from each other = power stroke (+ exh then intake)
Wow, I was unfamiliar with this design! This is a gutsy mechanical choice for Ford, IMO. The numbers are certainly impressive.
Certainly interesting. Slightly off topic, but Infiniti is introducing its variable compression motor in the 2019 QX50. It’s a 2.0 turbo 4. Comparable hp/tq to the Subie FA motor. Nothing to brag about there. The technology is equally interesting though.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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