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Hi everyone, I hope this thread gets alot of looks as i have found very little on Hybrid tuning. Maybe its a gaurded seceret of protuners. Anyway i decided to venture into the realm of hybrid 2.5L motors its been a rocky start but im back on track.

I have a few questions maybe theirs a few techy people out there who have answers. My goal is to buy a bit of time before my first protune as a stock cobb tune just wont do for a long period of time.

The true goal of this is to make a true breakin tune for a Hybrid 2.5L and post it for all to safely use if they go down the same path as i did.

First question is in regaurds to the dynamic advance of the 2.0L ECU driving a 2.5L engine. If the ECU was programed with the notion that the displacement of the engine was .125L less per cylander and that the bore size was smaller (sorry I dont have the bore spec size difference in front of me). The laws of thermodynamics and fluidics would state that during the power stroke it would take longer for the cylander to reach 100% burn. thus the fine knock learn on the ECU would see less than acceptable engine knock and increase the ignition advance to max ignition advance listed in the Dynamic advance table at full percentage of the DAM multiplyer.
Now if a Ignition advance table was used from a 2.5L tune with the break points adjusted for the 2.0L ECU this in theory give us a closer to accurate timing advance and allow the DAM value to be reduced. Is this theory sound?
Then using the Fine knock timing advance table the true ignition advance can be roughly determined over time by incramentally increasing or decreasing the values based on if the value is + or -. Is this correct?

I do need help in ?averaging? the break ponts if a 2.5L turboed engine with roughly the same amout of boost pressure as a stock wrx turbo would be set for.

And what would be the best 2.5 tune to use. I would say a 91 or less octaine rating. i want to see acceptable fine knock but not a rough knock.

also a en engine with a a similar turbo to a wrx rather then an sti. not sure how much manifold presure comes into play with timing advance yet. Anyone with a solid explanation on this would be worth a BAZINGA!
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