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After running my new 2004 wrx for 6000 miles and getting nice gentle starts not revving past 1500 then there's the rush of power kicking in at 3500rpm and blasting off until 6800 to SMOOTHLY shift into 2nd thanks to the clean notes put off by the scooby sport exhaust. :) This is workign REAL good for comfortable drives taking my mom to the doctor for checkups on her recently replaced hip...that has gotten me shifting nice and smooth and getting a much better feel for the car... Mom hasn't complained about me driving crazy and hurting her hip or giving her whiplash for terrible acceleration, or bad shifting, so I'm real happy! :)

So now that I got the smooth shifting working good, I started to push my self up the rpm range on take off. (granted it's real cool to have some jackass in a business suit sitting next to me at the light, then he takes off in his bmw and I slowly take off nice and smooth off the line....then all of a sudden dust his bald head once the turbo's all kicked in...i felt I needed to learn more driving I've been pulling out in the low 3,000 rpm range REAL nice lately with more power down on the low rpm than I thought the car would ever put out! And it seems like a gradual release of the clutch until the cars going ~25mph where the engine would be doing that amount of rpm naturally realy slingshots the car off the this a bad method of take off? I read once that you should release the clutch within 2-3 seconds of gear mesh, and it FEELS like 2-3 seconds but I'm not sure....though I could get a friend to time it LOL ....


I understand why the car will drop down to less than 1000 rpm by releasing the clutch (or dropping the clutch) quickly at just about any rpm but I don't understand how the clutch and synchros work together for this. So then upon thinking and playing while driving I started to wonder if this type of slow clutch release is ruining "things" or is this how the synchros are used effectively??

Looking forward to hearing the thoughts. :)
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