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I have a new-to-me 2003 Impreza WRX I’m getting to know. It has been draining the battery fairly fast (IMO) while unused, and has already killed two batteries when left undriven for 2 weeks or so. I keep it on a float charger now, while I am doing other repairs.

When the battery is first connected, it draws about 0.47A, and the best it seems to get down to, after allowing a minute for initialization time, is 0.1A — which still seems high to me for a resting car, even with a security system idling and listening for a remote.

With doors shut and everything off, if I pull the fuse under the hood labeled “clock/room“ it drops to 0.03-0.05A — seems like a lot for a dark clock in a dark “room”. What does “room” mean, and what else is on that circuit which might explain the draw? It’s not the cabin(room) dome light, apparently, which still operated.

With the door light switch held in (to keep the circuit open, so the draw reads as above), if I pull the #3 under dash fuse, labeled “door lock“, it drops to 0.01A — which is where I would think it should be. What’s really on this circuit that might explain such a large, constant draw on a parked car?

Am I off? Are these numbers normal? What would you suspect and test first on those circuits?

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