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1984 Camaro Burlinetta. 185K miles. New transmission. New interior peices. Interior is pretty nice, exterior is a little rough (dents, dings, chips). Car dies if not warmed up properly, but other than that runs very well (it should we spent enough to get it running that way). Would be a great beater, or something to drive if you don't want to rack up miles on the Scoob

Its baby blue. I dont have pics. V6. All power.

$1,000. I know I can part it out and at LEAST make that. If interested, let me know, and Ill try to get pics.

Also willing to hear trade offers. Have basically a stock 02 PSM and looking for any sort of TBE, upipe, V30, V34, STi injectors...hell, if interested just make an offer.
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