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So after having my 07 wrx for about 4 years now I finally decided to get a newer rex. I have always bought vehicles from salvage auctions for the great deals and the enjoyment of getting to tear them apart and fix it. After searching IAA auctions for months I finally found a 17 wrx limited with little under 10k miles. I won the bid at 10k and estimated roughly about 5-7k in repairs. The car was a rollover and from the pictures online looked a really light rollover. The day comes and my car shows on a flat bed and like a kid at christmas I couldnt be any more excited. The truck pulled into the driveway and I saw the car and said F***. The prior company that had bought the vehicle did an absolute awful job at repairs to make it look good in the photos. So now my quick 5k 1 month project. The bondo or and paint really hid the extensive damage that has been done. I am about 5 months into the build and slowly making progress as I work 2 full time jobs but thought I would show you a before and during and start posting progress as I go. Vehicle Alloy wheel Automotive tire Tire White
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Headlamp Fourth generation subaru legacy
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Daytime Motor vehicle
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper Luxury vehicle
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Luxury vehicle
Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Hood Windshield
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Subaru

Feel free to ask any questions! I will be uploading more pictures as I go.
Current plan is to do a full color swap going from the Lapis blue to a Gm red "pull me over red" if you want to see exact color. I got a little itchy and had to buy some bolt ons even though its not ready yet, but I bought Cobb APv3 Cobb air intake full 3inch turbo back exhaust.
I wish I had more exciting plans but for now its just getting back on the road! :cool:
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