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While looking at the options for radio trims to go with an aftermarket radio I saw some carbon fiber covers for the stock radio trim.
Since I was unable to find anything similar meant for use with an aftermarket radio, I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Starting with the Scoche SU2031B install kit, a bunch of sandpaper, a healthy amount of resin epoxy and a yard of carbon fiber fabric, I got to work.

Sanded the glossy plastic with 180grit to rough it up and give the epoxy a good surface to bond with. Mixed up the epoxy with some black pigment and laid a smooth coat over the part, let it get tacky and then laid down the fabric

Let the base coat cure, and then started layering clear epoxy over it. I did 3 coats, sanded it smooth-ish and then did one final coat

After the final coat cured, sanded it smooth starting at 180 grit, and then wetsanded from 320 up to 800 grit to prepare for clear coating.
This is fresh after clear coating (final coat is still wet)

Once the clear coat cured, wetsanded it smooth one last time with 1500 and then 2000 grit paper, and then polished with an applicator pad and some Meguiars polishing compound.
The final product:

Now I'm stuck waiting on my 28 pin harness to come in so that I can finish wiring up the head unit so that I can get it all installed :)
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