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17 Sti mods help.

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Hey guys I’m a big car guy I grew up with race cars n used to have a 700 hp cobra , but I always loved Subaru’s and always wanted one. I have worked on plenty but never got deep into modding to much. So I got a 17 Sti which I love it came with a invidia q300 catback, cob cai , n I think it had a downpipe before me. When I got the car it just felt to quick but who am I to complain lol. So let’s get to the mods it has a set of unequal headers n up pipe to keep that sound please n a catless downpipe, and a cobb accessport when it got installed I saw a previous tune my guess a stage 1 ?
but I spoke with a few die hard Subaru guys because I was in fear of cobb n there bs I was told what to pay attention to on my accessport gauges , my airfuel is deadon the money like everything else. But I checked my oil the other day n itis burning some oil now this isn’t a big deal i know with a turbo car n a ots tune that is basically just dumping fuel.
i have read some posts on oil I use Mobil 1 with motul engine protect, I wondering what u guys think? And should I run a range colder plugs a lot of people are saying yes with my mods n that they will helpto keep cylinders cooler. I am doing my plugs because I am getting a little studder at idle after a race the other night I know what some think that it might be ringland but I know what this looks like n sounds like the car does not studder or miss at all when driving normally n at idle it goes away sometimes I have had this before with Subaru’s. Oh n the car does not smoke at all. Oh and I keep having one stupid problem I keep blowing my uppipe gasket at the 3 bolt on the headers Side n the bolts come loose I’m about to go n get a 3 inch collector gasket from advanced auto a reusable one that’s thicksoft metal n get some locking nuts.Thanks my Subaru bro’s. N I just got a 06 legacy gt that I wanna do a Sti manifold swap eventually. What do u guys think the best E tune is for my Sti I don’t have money for a real tune yet.
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As far as I'm concerned, you have 3 choices.

1. Invest in someone to recalibrate your ECU
2. Remove the modifications from the vehicle
3. Keep driving in hopes that nothing bad will happen

This is my financial breakdown of each option
1. $200 to $500
2. Free if swapping for OEM parts, potentially net POSITIVE cashflow if you sell mods
3. Could cost you $8000-$14,000 USD

BTW... a couple friendly words of advice. Do you see how I typed this response with formatting? It makes the post far easier to read. Posts that are easier to read inevitably will be read. Yours was a chore. Also, "reading the AFR" is not accurate on your car. Without a proper WBO2 sensor, you have no idea what the car's fueling is doing.
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