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My friend just purchased and received a set of 17 inch Rota Subzero for $494(tax included) from a group buy @ A.L.M. Motorsports . There was no shipping since they were local(Vallejo, CA.) We just picked them up.
Those wheels are freakin lightweight for 17s!! Look real nice on the scooby. All that's needed is some lowering springs.
If you guys are looking for some lightweights wheels( Rota Subzero and Rota Slipstream) in any size from 15 - 18 inch for cheap, ALM Motorsports are still having a group buy going on. They are at 3 people( Me being #3 :D ). They need 7 more for this deal to go for this cheap. I'm getting 16 inch Slipstreams in black only if they get enough people on their deal. Jump on the group deal guys.....They are too cheap to pass up.
I am not affiliated with ALM Motorsports. I am just shocked on how light these wheels are for that price. I really want my set, but in order for that to happen... they need more people. Make sure when you email them, You tell them you heard about them from from RIGD1ry. They might cut me a discount(*knock on wood*)
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