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Yet another winter tire thread! As much as I hate to make another thread about winter tires I don't really know enough about tires to translate from all the wrx threads with sizes and specs to what I would need for my soon to be acquired '11 STI.

First things first, living where I live (bout 15 min east of St Louis) what should I get for my tires? I see everyone raving about the blizzaks but do I really need that kind of tire? Is there something cheaper that's just as good? My main concern is the few storms a year we get that are bad enough that I'll actually be forced to drive through several inches of snow/slush on the roadway as I have to go to work regardless of weather conditions.

Second, wheels. I've heard that with the Brembo's I can't go any smaller than a 17" wheel. Which is fine, but what width and what type of tire should I put on it? Tire rack recommends a 235/45R17, I read that skinnier is better so could I get away with a 225/45R17 instead?

I'm pretty psyched since my STI should arrive at the end of this week but the weather guys are all saying we are in for a crazy bad winter so I want to figure out what tires and wheels to get now so I'm not sliding around and messing up the stock rims.
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