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Picked up a white 2018 WRX Premium with the Performance Package, STI Short Shifter w/6-Speed MT. Still breaking it in so haven't completed a real road test yet but this car is a lot of fun! The WRX now sits in the driveway next to my Wife's white 2015 XT Forester and they make a cute couple. The WRX is a replacement car for my 1998 M3 Sedan, which unfortunately got totaled a few weeks ago. So I am anxious to get the WRX broken in so I can properly compare the WRX to the M3. I have only owned MT cars and the Clutch in the WRX has been the most challenging to master. The clutch fully engages 2" inches off the floor which makes smooth engagement tough. The shift from first to second works better but is also challenging if you are in a hurry, like when trying to merge into traffic. I am sure that I will be up to speed in a few weeks or so and won't even think about the clutch. Also do not assume that your tires are properly inflated just because you got a new car, should be 33F and 32R (235-45 18"), I had one front at 30 and a rear at 39, explains why I thought the handling felt odd. Also glad I got the performance package with the Recaro seats, very comfortable and supportive and they look nice in this car. Looking forward to putting more miles on this car!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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