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1.7 60' Wow. And some other chat topics....

I was just reading over on I-Club and there is a member with 1.7 60s!! Sheeesh, im starting to worry about all of it now hehe.

Im going to burn through a clutch until i master my launch techniques lol!! If i cant launch, whats the point huh hehe. Then i will go with aftermarket parts :D

Also i was trying to read more on the "Unbreakable" gears for the tranny and such, and the dogboxes. How much are the gear sets and the dogboxes runnin ???

And God... how is your Cusco clutch? Did you ever get that yet? I am still thinking about a good clutch and flywheel for the long run, after the mods of course. I think i will end up keeping my WRX for my 4 years of college, and then transfering all of the mods to a STi model when i graduate. Or just buy a BMW M5 then, or a 94 Supra (my dream car still sorry, nothing like 800whp)
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