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-1.05 fine knock learn at WOT

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Hey guys, I'm currently on a protune. Car is a 17 WRX. Was just doing logs randomly tonight and I noticed that I got a -1.05 value for fine knock learn during a 3rd gear WOT run. DAM stayed at 1.0 throughout and feedback knock was 0. I know that -1.05 at cruising speeds and low loads is acceptable according to Cobb but what about in this case where it showed during a WOT run? Here's the data log:

I would contact my tuner but it's already too late at night right now from where I live. Will definitely give him a text tomorrow morning though. Anything I should be worried about?
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So fine knock learning isn't an actual knock event. Feedback knock is real time values that show timing being taken away when your engine knock sensor hears what it thinks is knock, and the ECU takes away timing to protect itself. Many times these events are noise or false knock.

Your datalog actually looks decent and the feedback knock value and dam look fine. I am by no means a guru when it comes to tuning or reading datalogs, but from what I can tell everything looks ok.

Fine knock learning at only a -1.05 value is well within normal boundaries. Although staying at 0 is ideal during WOT pulls, but at times not practical. Somewhere along the line your ecu detected a knock event within that rpm/load range where you are seeing fine knock learning corrections and now the ecu is automatically taking away that timing to prevent a future knock event to happen within those parameters.

In time, as long as your car doesn't detect knock in that rpm/load range, the fine knock learning will learn itself out and back to 0. With no actual feedback knock being detected you have nothing to worry about.
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