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Hey guys,

I have been experiencing an issue with my Cobb Stage 2 SF+ 93 Octane tune on my 2009 WRX USDM Hatch. My mods include: Cobb Downpipe, Cobb Intake, Godspeed intercooler, Invidia Up-Pipe. I recently replaced all of my exhaust gaskets and checked/fixed all of my boost leaks.

This issue is not consistent, I can only get it to repeat itself sometimes. If i am going 55-60mph and I am in 4th gear and give it 1/4-1/2 throttle, the car will start sputtering and dumping fuel. This doesn’t happen all the time. My wide band will read 10.0 a/f with barely touching the throttle. It seems as if the car is missing; If i WOT, there will be not sputtering, but any other throttle, it will sputter out and die. I have to reset the ECU and wait at idle for about 5 mins and the issue corrects itself. I created a datalog of the issue at idle and driving - it corrects itself about 3 mins into the datalog.

Could anyone take a look at my Datalog?
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