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Hey guys, im new to the forum, sorry if this is in the wrong place.

i bought my 09 sti a year ago where i used to live in Ottawa Ontario Canada, i did a cross country trip with it and am now in Los Angeles.
i was hoping that when i got here i would be able to sell it but no such luck :(

from the little research i've done i was told to call Subaru Canada and see if my car was made for sale in the american market as well as the Canadian market,
i emailed them and got a very short response:

"Thank you for contacting Subaru Canada Inc.
Please note that, your 2009 Subaru impresa was made for the Canadian Market.

now i got a perfectly working sti that cant be sold in California and will cost me $2000 to ship back to Ottawa to try to sell it there.
i was hoping anyone had past experience or some advice as to whats my best course of action,

the sti is stock rally blue hatchback with 190K km or 120K miles on it.

Thanks guys! :)


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So it cannot be titled/registered in the USDM?

I'd recommend you speak with an importer -- given that this is essentially identical to the USDM counterpart, it may qualify as a "grey import." You will need to pay $$ up front either way.

If I were in your shoes, I would take it back to Canada and sell into that market -- I can only imagine that a grey import STI would be worth significantly less than a USDM STI in the US market.
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