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Hi Guys,

A little new to this, so apologies if this has been covered already, I did a fair bit of searching and have been working away with google and specialist sites but am still a little unsure!

I'm looking to install tweeters in my '08 WRX hatch - the factory connections are there, but the car didn't have the upgraded system originally. I've sourced the OEM sails, which was the easy part, but I'm struggling to find suggestions for the best fitting tweeters to install- everything I've found seems to be related to much later models ('15+).

So in a nutshell...

1. The kicker upgrade I keep seeing pop up on Amazon etc; Will that fit into the stock '08 sails? (bracket / screw holes etc.)
2. If it won't - can anyone recommend a pair that will? I'm not looking to cut big holes, glue over the top, or chop into stock parts where possible.

(Budget is flexible, it's more my OCD that demands I complete the upgrade fully!!)

Links to sails in question and possible solution below.

Any advice much appreciated, Thanks!!

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