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08 WRX Stock BCS went to crap, Am I forced to tune with new BCS now ?

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I'll try to keep it short, 08 wrx, havent done anything recently, was stepping on it pretty good in last gear, received CEL TC CC lights and a fuel cut, read the code with accessport, It's the BCS.. So now I have overboost issues....Buying a new one will force me to re tune correct? I am on a shop tune, Could they send me a slightly changed tune to upload? do I need a brand new tune? Much help is appreciated, I am a novice at WRX's, my former vehicle before was a 97 judging, Teen years car.
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If it's an OEM EBCS, you will not need to recalibrate your ECU. Be sure the restrictor pill is still present.

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What was the code, and have you actually tested the EBCS to see if it really works or not?

Whatever the case, if you were tuned on the stock EBCS, then you replace it with another stock EBCS you will not need to change anything in the tune.... that is, assuming the EBCS was functioning correctly when the tune was done.
p0244 Wastegate solenoid "A"
p0244 Wastegate solenoid "A"

That's the code for over boost.. it rarely has anything to do with the BCS.

How long have you been running the protune? It could just be now that it's gotten cold you're overshooting your boost targets. Assuming you don't have a hardware failure, you could have the shop that did the tune send you a revised map with slightly lower WGDC in the area of the map that's over boosting.

Did you happen to be accelerating WOT from a relatively low RPM in a high gear (4th or 5th)? That will cause problems..
Protune has been done for over a year, purchased with front and rear differential, hushpower exhaust, new belts, stage 2 steady grip clutch, its running a TPG Tune stage 2 at 275hp/244 torque.I beleive it was something like that, 4th or 5th.
It occured in warm weather as well so your correct
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