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So it's my first winter with my Subaru..even better it's my first winter with a wrx!..hear me out before I continue lol..
It's not like it snows a ton where I live, and local 12 are bored af and bent on ending any parking lot fun immediately on top of every small town dink I knew in highschool inevitably being out there so I dont plan on drifting for hours all over town and getting "shtuck" like a drunk ******* on a dirt road in the rain..but I would like to know that if it snows pretty good one day this winter and I decide to go have some "mild" awd fun, I could easily get out of a bad situation if I get stuuck stuck (which I dont plan on but you never know).
So can someone explain why the 2008 wrx's have possibly the WORST tow hook solution of like any car I've ever seen?!?! ITS AN AWD RALLY INSPIRED CAR and subaru said "lets put the most delicate, easy to break into pieces and impossible to access little plastic square on the rear with a stupid hole behind it and leave any possibility of getting towed up to the driver. If they want an actual tow hook they will have to buy one that sticks out of the center of the bumper leaving a disproportionate cut out around it that looks ugly as sin."
Older wrx's and most subarus in general have the normal old reliable built in hooks underneath so what is going on with the 08 design??
Also no hate on aftermarket tow hooks as I totally see there's no way around it if you want one at all and some do actually look pretty decent. I'm just trying to keep my subie stock and clean and getting one like that just kind of completely messes that up for me.
Keeping the possibility of resale wide open cause it's in good condition and not my favorite year for sure (for big and little reasons like this). Just had to get a rex while I could for a deal lol which is great for now, but no modding on this one. And yes that includes a tow hook. Already had to hot glue the square on cause it's broken inside and kept popping out. And $99+ for a new one is a joke!..Sheeesh.
Ok done ranting..This drive anybody else crazy?
Have a good season, everybody.
I might just stay home fr haha ?‍♂
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