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Hi there, I've been researching meticulously and just can't find an answer. I recently purchased a 2007 wrx wagon and the front struts are starting to go. Naturally, if I'm going to replace a part I'm going to upgrade. I do want to go ahead and do front and rears. I want to get a bit lower but I don't have the funds to go nuts and get some awesome coilovers and I haven't had good experiences with lowering springs and struts. Can I put any Sti struts and springs on my baby. Not necessarily from another 2007 but something that will fit and perform reliably. Thank you for reading, again, sorry if this is a noob question in my defense I have done a ton of research.

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The "Will this suspension part fit my car?" thread. - NASIOC


Struts are specific to the Wagon. While sedan OEM and aftermarket struts and coilovers will fit, you will lose negative camber.

This can be corrected with camber bolts and/or camber plates.

The only upgraded struts that retain stock camber are KYB GR2s and Koni inserts in gutted Wagon Struts.


Using sedan springs on a wagon often results in a saggy rear end. Prodrive WRX springs are a notable exception. Wagon specific versions are available from a few manufacturers.
hope this helps
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