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07 2.5i lite mods

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Hello I been lurking through this site for a while and now I have my question. I have a 07 2.5i wagon and well I want to start adding to it. It’s my daily and I was wondering if I could get a new intake for it and if it would be a good idea? My dad was telling me to save up and buy a old wrx if I want to do anything with cars. I’m planning to use this car for a while before I get a wrx eventually. I been seeing aftermarket parts specifically made for the 2.5i so would those be a good option?
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I don't see anything making more power so I would look for modifications that increase the driving experience. Suspension bushings, ss brake lines, short throw shifter. That kind of thing.
It's a great car, but engine modifications would be a waste of effort.

I may sound like a broken record, but I will give you the same advice I give everyone:

Join a local AutoX chapter. Not only will it make you a better driver, but you'll quickly recognize areas that need improvement on the car. The first (and by far) most impactful change on the car is the tires that are installed. What tires are on the car?
I have a set of westlake tires and I recently bought 2 new ones. And konig Myth rims
what are "westlake" tires?

Unless you are rolling on proper summer rubber, any additional talk about performance modifications is a waste of your time.
what are "westlake" tires?
Its a TireCo brand.

Milestar, Nankang, Freestar, and a few others including Westlake.

They are ok for a budget tire, I wouldn't be afraid of having them on a vehicle, but when we talk about performance tires we are aiming at a target FAR beyond those tires performance capability.

Tires are a funny thing in they are overlooked when it comes to performance improvement but limit everything. You can have the biggest baddest track car, but put low performing tires on it and its just another commuter. You take your average commuter, slap some good light wheels, some really good summer rubber and a good aggressive alignment and it will transform the feel of that vehicle dramatically as well as transfer to real world capability.
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