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06 WRX Wagon

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Location: Pleasanton, SF Bay Area.


For sale, 06 WRX Wagon, 198774 miles, still runs great. I was the only owner, the car is completely stock. Never raced, no accidents or mechanical failures to date.

New clutch and radiator @ 168000
New control arms and ball joints @ 190000
All maintenance was performed regularly. (timing belt, water and Power Steering pump)
A/S tires still have plenty of thread left
Minor dings on the hood, a small bump on the rear bumper and a fixable ding on the driver fender. Rear plastic spoiler has some light fading that can be fixed.
No mechanical issues. I still use the car for my short commute every day.

$ 9,000 and it's yours. Perfect project car.

I will update this post with more pictures ASAP.


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A location would be helpful.

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Of course. Location added and thank you!
Oh well. Not even a nibble of an offer? I love that car, would hate to trade it in. I'm getting a 2018 WRX.
Try more places. You may have to wait for a good offer.

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Yep. It's also on CL and...Facebook.
Sale is canceled. Car has 2 CEL ( P 2432 and P 0442 ) and wouldn’t pass a smog check.
just did a quick search.

P2432 is the air injection solenoid. last i recall, not fun to attempt a replacement of. last i recall, it is where the silver/insulated hose leads to/from. this might just be a clogged OR broken/leaking hose.

P0442 is likely the fuel cap. no biggie there.
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