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So, I recently installed a whole bunch of mods in my car and had it professionally tuned to Stage 2. My question is, should I use my accessport to raise my idle? I have a couple of friends with professional tunes in their cars, and it was recommended to them to raise their idle speed. Should I do the same? If so, what's the optimal idle speed for my car, now that it is tuned?
2006 WRX
75k miles
Tomei UEL headers with uppipe
Invidia catless downpipe
Perrin catback exhaust
Perrin short-ram intake
Perrin AOS
COBB electronic boost control solenoid
COBB lightweight crank pulley
Tomei turbo inlet
Boost: 17 PSI

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That's something I would let your tuner decide. If you trust them to tune the car, why not trust them to set the idle RPM in the tune?
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