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'06 WRX Cobb AP

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I recently purchased a 2006 WRX. The only modification on the car was a Perrin CAI. However, there is no tune. I dont know how long its been on the car and do not want my engine to get destroyed. I am thinking about either switching to a stock intake (hard to get a hold of) or to get a Cobb accessport with a Cobb intake, as this is a daily driven car. I am wondering if going stage 1, will bring along any issues down the road. I don't plan on doing any other mods, just because I want to keep the car reliable. Basically I just want to know if going Stage 1 will keep the car reliable or if I will have transmission/engine problems later on.
Anything helps, thanks.
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The cobb maps on the accessports are actually pretty safe. Especially at stage 1. If you cant get your hands on a stock intake, the cobb intake with the AP is a solid choice. However, until you decide and get the intake issue taken care of, I would stay entirely out of boost.
You shouldn't have any major issues caused by the cobb intake with the AP.

In theory added power is added stress, however I wouldn't foresee any issues that wouldn't happen if the vehicle was completely stock.
Assuming the vehicle is in good working condition now, even StageII (turboback exhaust + ECU reflash) will not cause any real reliability concerns; basically, if something happens, it likely would've happened stock.

If you want to make a truly educated decision, perform compression / leakdown tests to see the health of the engine in current form, and if healthy, go for some more power :thumbup:
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