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05 Wrx Suspension Question.

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Just got my wrx a week ago and to my knowledge. It has Sti springs on it and the ride height is pretty low and it’s super stiff. A little uncomfortable for the bad roads in my area. If I buy the stock struts, would that make it a little less stiff? I would like a little more ride height so I have more clearance in the snow as well.
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Do you know if the struts have ever been replaced? They may be blown leading to an uncomfortable ride; generally STI take-offs aren't bad ride quality. Struts will not make a difference on ground clearance.
I have no clue about the struts. I’m still trying to figure out all the modifications that it has. Where’s a good place to look for struts? Any websites in particular I should go to?
That’s probably what I’ll do. Thanks for the link!!
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