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05 WRX compression test

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Question, just did a compression test on my 05 wrx and the 2 on the left came to 132-137PSI and on the right 150-155, need to know if this is bad or if im in okay shape or is my engine just awful????
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The service limit is 834 kPa (8.5 kgf/cd, or 121 psi but non-metric units are just plain silly and it's best to avoid them).

The Δ between your lowest and highest cylinder is 3X the permissible and I can't explain that -- nor is there anything to be done really. I'd not bother the motor and I'd just drive the car. It's not a new motor any more, that much you've proven, but it may last decades for all we know. Every cylinder is above the service limit, it's the difference I find odd.

However, by virtue of posing the question you've also stated you don't have a factory manual -- so I guess it's worth asking why you were checking compression to begin with?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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