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I have a 04 wrx
-catless uppipe
-boost controller
-cobb intake
-gimmick turbo inlet
-cobb accessport
-perin catless downpipe
-walbro 255
-sti pink 565
-sti tmic
I swapped out the td04 for the vf39 and I'm getting some smoke around the turbo area. I know the turbo is good although it has typical wastegate crack (hairline). The only thing I can think that's causing the smoke is the lower turbo coolant line. It ripped when I took it off so I cut it where It ripped. Idk if coolant is slowly leaking out but I have another hose coming. Is there anything else that can cause the smoke? It doesn't really smell like oil or coolant. It's a white smoke. Any help is appreciated.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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