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So I've been looking for a new set of rims for my 04 STi, and i can't find solid information on what I need.

I'm going to get 18x8 or 18x8.5 with an offset of between +35 and +48 depending on what i can find in white ( seems impossible to find white rims that fit that don't come with a red pin stripe ) . (Yes, I understand that a +35 would make the center of the tire close to my fender and i may have to roll them.. I'll cross that road when I get there if need be )

So my primary question is what hub bore do these wheels need to be? I've read 56.1mm and 73mm, and these conflicting informations were found in discussions talking about newer STi models that use the 5x114 as opposed to my 5x100's. So what does my 04 need?

Also if anyone knows where I can get a nice selection of white rims that fit with good pricing, please post a link.
Edit: what is the weight of the stock 04 bbs rims?
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