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Hi everyone, got a question I'm new to the subaru world so go easy. I bought an 04 imprezza wrx 2.0 wagon. The guy I bought it from done some things to it. It has a
Cobb access port
Cobb short ram intake
Grimspeed intercooler
All grimspeed hoses
AEM e85 fuel pump
Full Cobb exhaust
Blouch 18g xtr turbo
Charger injector dynamics 1050x fuel injectors
Cattless up pipe
Cobb 3port ebcs
This is what is on the access port

So my question is when I bought it it had a full tank of fuel drove good. When I filled it up I put in 91 eythonal free fuel in it. Within 30 miles it was idling rough backfiring and it kept throwing cylinder missfires codes. So I filled up my tank when that ran out with 91 octane that contained 10 percent eythonal. And ever since that it runs good. Could it be tuned for e85 gas, maybe that's why it wouldn't run on eythonal free fuel the access port does not say on it. And what would happen if I did put e85 in it Any info or help would be much appreciated.
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