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Afternoon everyone!

Good to be back on Suby forums lol

So I'm having issues with my 2003 WRX.

Now to the issue. When I'm driving and get around 3000 RPMs the engine sputters and prevents me from accelerating more. Doesn't matter which gear I am in either. Just started recently. Initially when the problem started, I did run over something prior on the freeway but didnt think anything of it. Then after I parked the car and went to drive it again, the car had a hard time turning over but never had that starting problem again. When it first started it would get to about 3k RPMs and sputter but I had to keep driving to get home. After about 7 minutes or so of driving, the car started acting normal and I was able to go over 3k RPMs without any issues.

Now the problem is still there. Driving down the road on que at around 3k RPMs it starts to sputter. Did not keep driving to see if continue driving would "fix" it. When I revved the car parked in neutral it has the same issue around 3K RPMs, but if I let it idle for about 10 minutes I'm able to rev normal..

So the car isnt stock but hasn't had any mods done in years.

A lil details about the car:
03 WRX, upgraded VF48 turbo, Cobb tuning short ram intake, mishimoto intercooler Y pipe and coupling to instake, 255lph fuel pump, 650cc injectors, upgrade clutch and lightened flywheel, HKS BOV, catless uppipe and crossover pipe, and turbo back exhaust with a high flow cat. Car was professionally tuned and reflashed after parts were installed. And always 91 octane. Dont think I missed anything else lol.

I have tried to clean and lube the waste gate arms, cleaned the intercooler Y pipe, replaced PCV valve, cleaned MAF, and even replaced the HKS BOV with my Greddy type S but no improvement. I've checked vacuum lines but wasn't able to find any holes or leaks..

So what I'm asking is what could cause this??

I am not getting any CELs or other lights.

Could be the high flow cat became bad and prevent airflow during driving? Maybe bad O2 sensor and just isnt relaying fault to computer? Bad turbo or even a boost leak or vacuum leak that I missed?

Trying to get some advice before I tear apart the exhaust system and remove the turbo, if anyone else has had this same issue.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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