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I have a 2002 Subaru impreza WRX with 109k

So recently i was driving my car about 20 miles to my destination and when i was in a complete stop i notice smoke coming out of the Hood Scoop so when i checked it i saw smoke (white) coming below the turbo by the Heat Wrap so the first thing i did was change the Copper washer from the Turbo Feed line to see if it'll help since i saw little drip coming from there. so the next day i drove it another 15 miles and saw smoke coming from the hood scoop once again... so i went to the car wash to power wash below the turbo thinking it was probably the remaining oil that was previously dripped, but this morning i drove it to work and still see smoke coming out below the turbo by the Heat wrap. i dont know what else could it be.. Please Help.
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