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02 wrx hybrid build

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This is my first post as a member here so hope I'm posting this in the correct thread :) Bought a 2002 wrx last winter and had the motor blow up 4 days after having it on the road.

I'm hopeing some other members who have done similar builds can help me out if I've overlooked anything with this build, and maybe this will help out anyone thinking about going this route with their car

So after allot of research I decided to go with a hybrid build. I know there are a few different ways to do this but since it's my first time building a car I went just a little overboard for a daily driver :D

So far for parts I have
2011 sti block (used, had cracked ringland)
Acl race bearings
Manley turbo tuff I beam rods (with arp bolts)
Manley extreme duty pistons with upgraded wrist pins (99.75mm)
New oem sti oil pump and oil cooler
Killer b oil pan, pickup, baffles,
Arp2000 headstuds
Ej207 heads fully pnp, chamber matched by iag to get stock compression on the 2.5 block,
Titanium valves and retainers, dual springs, brass guides, gsc s1 cams, intake manifold was port matched to the heads, tgv delet, stock sti exhaust manifold, catless up-pipe, catless downpipe with divorced wastegate, blouch td06 20g xt turbo with 10cm exhaust housing, stock sti tmic, Grimmspeed turbo inlet and cold air intake, 750cc top feed injectors( going bigger when I get the money), oem Subaru timing kit and full engine gasket kit, I'm sure I'm forgetting some things

Not sure what clutch to go for, I am doing a 6 speed swap as soon as I can

Engine is almost finished the rotating assembley is being balanced this week, heads are put back together, so if there's anything I should do or change before it's put together let me know or if you have any questions pm me. Hopeing to make 450 whp with bigger injectors and fmic but until then I'll be happy with 300-350

Any input would be greatly appreciated this is my first Subaru and first time building a car so if my terminology is wrong don't be to hard on me ?
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