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02 wrx connecting to ecuflash?

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Sorry for the long winded post...

i just got my tactrix cable on the mail, i want to do a couple data loga just to see where my car is at(just getting into tuning)
For the life of me i can not get it to connect. I have uninstalled the program from my laptop multiple times 10+... Uninstalled the drivers, rebooted my laptop, reinstalled everything, still nothing.. It recognizes my tactrix cable, but it doesnt recognize the car.
I connected the green plugs, and installed the blue jumper. I have tried clicking ok and turning the key tons of different ways and there is no difference. Any ideas? Ill try anything...

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I figured id post this if its any help...

[02:46:37.742] using metadata XML ID read_wrx02 from file C:/Program Files (x86)/OpenECU/EcuFlash/rommetadata/read templates/read_wrx02.xml
[02:46:37.757] J2534 API Version: 04.04
[02:46:37.757] J2534 DLL Version: 1.02.4798 Jun 13 2016 17:17:10
[02:46:37.757] Device Firmware Version: 1.16.4769
[02:46:37.757] Device Serial Number: TAQvFYZt
[02:46:41.330] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[02:46:42.586] denso02_bootloader_cmd_start
[02:46:42.586] unexpected bootloader response value [%02X] - is this ECU locked?
[02:46:42.902] writing kernel area addr: 020000 len: 0664
[02:46:44.842] kernel get version
[02:46:45.062] reading kernel comm buffer size
[02:46:45.277] reading kernel flash buffer size
[02:46:45.493] interface close
[02:46:45.493] interface close
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Now its not even letting me connect my obd2 reader to the car? Any ideas?
I'm not sure. Once you figure out how to get it back to reading the OBD, install romraider logger and learning view and see if either of those work. You don't need ECUFlash for the logging (and undo all the connectors for that too) other than the driver for the cable. The info you posted mentions the ECU may be locked - if it had a Cobb AP or possible another ECU management that was not uninstalled you are stuck with whatever is on there unless you send it in to get it unlocked. I.e. you should be able to use the logger but not be able to flash a new map.
Okay, ive checked all the fuzes with my multi meter, all have source power when they should ie lights have power when they are on etc. ill keep trying to get the obd2 port working
Okay, some of the pins on the obd2 plug were bent, got them all to make contact and were golden, now i can use my scanner, and rom raider works(i only have the logger) need to do some more research.. But it still is not connecting to ecu flash?
I added a picture of when it was trying to connect


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