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I have a 2002 wrx. Current motor is an ej205 has Manley rods, pistons, 11mm oil pump, bearings, apr head studs, ported stock head. 4k miles on the motor. I'm currently stage 2+ with all supporting mods. I'm planning on doing a turbo swap within the near future when the motor gets a few more miles on it. I know regardless I need a new fuel pump, and injectors. My question is on the turbo. I really want to be at 300whp or really close. It is a DD, so fun and reliability would be a must. I'm debating on a vf series either the 39 or 48, or a 16g or 18g setup. What would you recommend? Also what pump and injectors, I see the walbro needs the most mods to fit, the dw pump is a better or easier fit from what I've read? Also for injectors I've read regardless of the turbo in my list something around 750cc will be sufficient?
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