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I finally took it to the shop where they set the timing wrong!!! When I showed them it was set wrong they still charged me $360.00. Now I halve to pay Subaru $2,500.00 for new valves when all I wanted was a compression test? And it gets worse!!!

My timing was dead on!!! The mechanic told me the timing belt was off because the crank pulley should be set to the arrow not the notch throwing my timing out by 45 degrees to the left and the left-hand intake camshaft sprocket wouldn't turn!!! They said they didn't try to turn it over thank god or so they say? Still I was already sure that #2 valve was bent because it kept fouling plug #2. The arrow points right the notch centers putting my perrin gear logo strait up I just hope he didn't bend the cylinder head? At this point i’m looking at $2500.00 for all new valves, $300.00 to tow it, and with all the new parts i'v invested in it I wonder if I should keep it and just halve the work done?
1,64.000mi on it, no rust, new turbo, all perrin hoses, new intake, and itercooler gaskets, new radiator, MAF, new fuel line & fuel filter light weight perrin crank pulley, new belts, water pump, new hoses, all the belt pulleys, tentioner, belt, new belt guid, plugs, tires, air filter, head lights, custom exost tips, turbo timer, pro tuned, metal heat shielding on exost, new paint, fog lights, custom paint-heat paint in engine, custom mesh grills, custom turbo fan w/switch for a/o driving or siting in traffic the list goes on!!! So at this point i just don't know? So much time & $$$ invested on high millage car!!! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated... thanks.

I went by the shop today I looked at his diagrams and can’t figure out how he could misread it. I rotated the crank pulley to the rite mark, when I went to turn camshaft sprocket it was grinding without any force. It made a new nois toward the back of the engine this didn’t happen before they got it, they turned fine I also got codes PO102 & PO113 how would these codes come up if they didn't try to start it? Now I really think it’s ****ed and will now have to fight with this shop over the damage and $$$ Anyone have experience with any of this?
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